5 strangest animals to see on safari

frica has many animals that are considered strange but the following five are very unusual. If you do spot any of these animals on safari consider yourself very lucky and take lots of photographs.

1. Wild dog or painted dog


This animal is the only member of Lycaon classification in the world. Wild dogs are extremely efficient hunters with a far higher kill rate than any other predator. The markings on each dog are unique which makes identifying individuals very easy. One of their most unusual behaviours is the habit of vomiting food to feed other members of the pack; this is an act of bonding as well as a source of nutrition. The pups are always fed first, which is very unusual predator behaviour. They hunt in groups, chasing their prey for many miles till the intended victim collapses in exhaustion. They are highly social animals and live in large packs. They have few natural predators but their numbers are sadly declining as their habit is being destroyed and they are hunted by farmers. Your best chance of seeing wild dogs will be on an early morning game drive.

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The Most Incredible Wildlife Photos Of 2014

Justin Black/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

From the mightiest beasts in the jungle to the tiniest microorganisms swimming in our pond water, Earth is home to some amazing life-forms.

This year, we’ve observed some incredible wildlife in action all around the world.

In 2014 we saw leopards battling crocodiles, walruses swarming the Alaskan coastline, and ghostly fish lurking in the deepest parts of the ocean.