Tragedy strikes as Dog is eaten by Crocodile

Most of my childhood I have visited these parts of South Africa. We have had some close calls with hippo and crocodile. I did write a piece about it on my fishing encounters blog. This is a very sad video but it is something we need to be aware of. Africa is a wild place and we live close to some very dangerous creatures.

Dog is eaten by Crocodile

My uncle had a Jack Russel puppy that I would play with. It used to come to our house and then go back to my uncle’s house. We stayed on the farm. One day the puppy just disappeared. The only thing we could think of was that it was taken by a African crowned eagle. I have a big affection for dogs so in seeing this video of the dog getting taken out by a crocodile has been a huge shock to my system.

So I think keep your eyes open and even if you think something won’t happen to you, rather not make it true.

Also a shout out to Carel from  South Africa 4×4 Rental