Road Tripping Botswana Namibia

The immensity of Botswana and Namibia’s wide open spaces means the journey between destinations is the real highlight of driving this region. Time to enjoy the arid beauty, reflect on the place you have been and imagine the place you are going to. To add to this, the region has one of the lowest population densities in the world. As empty as it seems, its wonders are innumerable and the highlights below are but a small selection chosen simply for their ability to lure you back to discover more.

nDzuti Safari Camp

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I asked the Meesers about how they came to be the much-loved hosts at nDzuti, and I uncovered tales about hand-built reed huts, horseback in the bush, rhino monitoring programmes, and the initiation of some well-known safari establishments.

Bruce and Judy Meeser have been heading up safari operations in South Africa for the last 30 years before coming to settle at their beautiful ‘place in the shade,’ nDzuti Safari Camp. Their expertise comes from practice and passion, and they have got a lot of both!

Read some of our questions and answers and learn how truly serious Bruce and Judy are about Africa and the wild world they call home.

Tell us about the various safari operations you have established and run since the 1980s after you guys got married and ventured into the safari business