Honey Badger

On assignment in the wilderness of Botswana, photographer and videographer Kevin MacLaughlin came across one of the most ferocious predators in Africa. Guillotine-like teeth, powerful claws, and a death rattle like a Dementor, the honey badger certainly keeps its enemies at bay.

With a name as innocent as ‘honey badger’, one wouldn’t assume this short and stout carnivore is after anything more vicious than bees, but one shouldn’t let the interpretation of its ancient, scientific name (Mellivora capensis: Mel meaning ‘honey’ and voro meaning to ‘devour’) get in the way of one’s understanding of this beast. Sure, its natural ability to sniff out honeycomb and tolerate the stings of thousands of angry bees makes it pretty tough, but its skin is just under a centimetre thick and it can withstand the venom of a cobra.

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